EURO PLAST PV bitumen membrane are plastomeric waterproofing membranes manufactured from a rich mixture of bitumen and selected polymers (Atatic Poly Propylene) blended together to obtain excellent heat & UV resistance and waterproofing properties. The polymerized bitumen is coated on to a dimensionally stable reinforcement core of non-woven spun bond polyester rot-proof fabric. The membrane has excellent tensile & tear strength and has high fatigue and puncture resistance.

Product Uses

EURO PLAST PV is used as waterproofing/damp proofing membrane for protection of various substrates in wide range of applications which included the following:

  • Roofs
  • Terraces, balconies & patios
  • Sunken slabs
  • Concrete foundations & footings
  • Basements
  • Pile heads
  • Bridges & tunnels
  • Airport aprons & ramp areas


  • High resistance to positive water & vapor pressure
  • Good dimensional stability under tension
  • Excellent flexibility
  • High puncture and fatigue resistance
  • High tensile and tear strengths
  • Resists water borne chemicals
  • Accommodates structural movement


Bitumen primer EUROPRIMER is a combination of oil bitumen and a specially selected organic solvents. It has a high penetration ability and short drying time.


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