High performance self-adhesive rubber bitumen membrane ULTRAFLEX SA 5000 is designed for indoor waterproofing, waterproofing of foundations, engineering structures, terraces and non-exposed roof decks. In fact, the special compound bituminous adhesive ensures laying of structures where it is dangerous or prohibited the use of the flame (expanded / extruded polystyrene or wooden base).


  • Cold applied system: can be used where the standard torch-on application is not allowed (wood, xps). No flame hazard, no smoke, no odours and noise.
  • Single layer – low labour cost: fast application, no need of special equipment and skills.
  • Economical application – no need for gas usage.
  • Cross laminated HDPE film: gives membrane very high dimensional stability and puncture resistance.
  • Advanced safety application. The membrane is applied without use of flame and the particular points are treated with hot air or mastics bitumen adhesives.
  • High performance rubber bitumen compound: excellent adhesion to the support, continuity of joint lapping, self-healing properties (minor perforation will automatically heal).
  • Extra gas and chemical resistance.