TECNOCOAT H-2049 is a two-component, sprayable, aromatic coating suitable for waterproofing, protection and sealing in general. It’s made up of two high reactive liquid components, isocyanates, polyols, and amines, which are mixed together using specific spray equipment, to form an aromatic, continuous, seamless, high density, solid and elastic polyurea membrane, with high mechanical and chemical resistance qualities.


For waterproofing and protection of:

  • ROOFING: Sloped and flat roofs (walkable), balconies and overhangs.
  • Retaining walls and foundations
  • Concrete decks
  • Vehicle and boat coatings(bed liners)
  • Asbestos roofs rehabilitation (use with TECNOFOAM SPF)
  • As a protection for an SPF ( spray polyurethane foam TECNOFOAM G-2060)