LOGICBASE T LOCK is an innovative PVC membrane designed for waterproofing subterranean areas such as basements, car parks, cellars, lift pits, tunnels and similar water retaining structures. The design of the membrane provides one face that is “T” shaped that provides a secure mechanical bond to concrete ensuring long term secure adhesion of concrete to the membrane. Furthermore, the durability of LOGICBASE T LOCK is a key benefit for critical underground applications with the ability to withstand mechanical damage, chemical spillages and weather resistance.

Thickness range: 1.5mm ; 2.0mm

Features & Benefits:

  • Resistant to acidic, alkaline and general corrosive environments.
  • Suitable on contaminated earth, hydrocarbons and gas emissions.
  • Outstanding durability, with flexible and high strength properties.
  • Crack resistant, able to withstand substrate movement and stratigraphic change.
  • Seamless sealing at wall floor junctions.
  • Leak proof and vapour resistant.
  • Outstanding weather resistance while exposed to external conditions.
  • Light weight, easy of handling, provides time efficient application.
  • Made by extrusion, PVC sheet is easily welded together to ensure high strength lap joins and seams. Easily joined and extended in size.
  • Puncture resistance and excellent trafficability for onsite conditions.
  • Able to be applied to damp surfaces, free of surface water.