TechnoNICOL cleaner for PVC membranes – azeotrope blend of esters, ketones and alcohols. Cleaner activates and dries out surface of PVC membrane.

Application areas:

TechnoNICOL cleaner for PVC membranes effectively removes organic residue (fats, bitumen, oil traces) and inorganic pollutants resulting from the installation and use of a polymer roofing. The cleaner is designed to remove local impurities from the surface of the LOGICROOF and ECOPLAST PVC-membranes. It is used for additional preparation of PVC membrane surfaces for welding by hot air or a hot wedge. Enhances the physical and mechanical properties of the welded seam. Use for cleaning tools. The cleaner needs to be used before the additional sealing of seams with liquid PVC and when welding a new roof to the existing one.