LOGICBASE V-SL is a homogenous unreinforced synthetic membrane. It is produced by co-extrusion process from polyvinylchloride (PVC), plasticizers and additives. One side of the membrane is yellow, another side is black. Yellow signal layer allows detection of damages of waterproofing in the process of construction. The product is not UV-resistant.




Decorative and waterproofing covering for swimming pools. The best alternative to traditional finishes such as tiles or paint. LOGICPOOl consisting of two flexible layers of high-quality polyvinylchloride interleaved with a reinforcing polyester mesh. LOGICPOOL has a protective layer of acrylic lacquer providing high abrasion resistance against mechanical loading, preventing from staining and deterioration due to microorganisms influence (bio-degradation), as well as from UV rays.




PLANTER dimpled membrane is produced from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with formed shoulders that are 8 mm high. PLANTER has enhanced strength parameters, is chemical resistant, fungiproof, bacteria-resistant, is resistant to damage by the roots of plants and UV-radiation. PLANTER extra, PLANTER standard, PLANTER eco are single-layer sheet. PLANTER geo and PLANTER extra-geo is a two-layer membrane made of high-density polyethylene with shoulders that are 8 mm high; the second layer is a geotextile sheet glued to the membrane.