Additive for the application of Desmopol in just one coat

DESMOPLUS is an additive that gives the DESMOPOL several properties faster curing time beside it improves their mechanical properties. It is ideal for extreme environmental conditions (low temperatures). Also, it’s an additive for single-layer applications. DESMOPLUS is an additive which gives to the mono component polyurethane membrane DESMOPOL several properties to facilitate its application, improve their physical and mechanical properties and avoid the bubbles inside. It is suitable for the application of DESMOPOL polyurethane membrane in low temperature conditions or adverse weather conditions, while improving the mechanical performance of the membrane weather situations.


  • Allows the application of DESMOPOL in one layer at desired thickness (for example 2mm). Avoiding the application on several layers with intermediate drying times
  • Elimination of bubbles and other defects in the membrane of DESMOPOL applied in one layer
  • Increases the solid membrane’s tensile strength
  • Dry time process reduces to 2-3 hours