Membrane 100% pure polyurea

The 100% pure polyurea TECNOCOAT P-2049 system was developed as a single coating suitable for waterproofing, protection and sealing in general. The pure polyurea TECNOCOAT P-2049 membrane is made up of two liquid components, isocyanates and amines, which are mixed together using spray equipment.


For waterproofing & protection of:

  • Sloped roofs, terraces, balconies and overhangs
  • Tanks and irrigation canals certification, pursuant to European Directive 98/83/CE
  • Coating for bridges (under asphalt), and elements of civil engineering
  • Industrial floor surfaces with waterproofing and hard-wearing requirements (UNE-EN 1504.2 certification)
  • Floor surfaces and roofs in car parking facilities with vehicle traffic, non-slip finish (pursuant to UNE ENV (12633:2003)
  • Swimming pools, aquariums, lakes. Near sea water
  • Retaining walls and foundations
  • Roofs and roof gardens (Category P4 under EOTA, highly protected roof)
  • Power, recycling, waste and water treatment and storage plants (UNE-EN 1504.2 certification), and petrochemical plants
  • Vehicle and boat coatings
  • Asbestos roofs