EuroPlan LC is a High-Performance HDPE Preformed Membrane for Upwards Bonding designed for underground structures and similar area. Its advanced technology sets it apart from other preformed membranes: A composite sheets comprising a thick HDPE film and an adhesive that will react with wet mortar and gives an excellent bond. It is a fully bonded waterproofing membrane that bonds directly to concrete, thus sealing the concrete and preventing any ingress of water around the structure, even in some cases of soil sedimentation. EuroPlan LC does not require protection before backfilling.


Areas of use:

  • Basement walls.
  • Tunnel walls and subway walls.


  • High dimensional stability, puncture and tear resistance.
  • Highly reactive adhesive that ensure full and high adhesion to concrete surface.
  • No protection required.
  • Can be used as a barrier to gas, water and moisture.
  • Versatile in area of uses and suitable for different soil conditions.
  • Weather and UV resistant.
  • Strong resistant to industrial chemicals.