APP-modified bitumen membrane PRIMA PLAST PV is designed for installation as the bottom layer in double-layer roofing system on buildings and constructions. Can be used on new construction or repair. Can be used as single or double-layer waterproofing for foundations and as underlay for bitumen shingles. The material withstands temperature fluctuations and high mechanical loads providing a long-term, reliable and effective waterproofing.

APP polymer provides additional flow resistance that makes it possible to use the material in a very hot climate. On the bottom side material is covered by a polymer film with special graphic elements, melting of which indicates the proper material heating. On the top the material is covered by a fine-grained sand.

General Requirements:

  • Rolls of the material should be stored indoors in a dry place in their original packaging and taken to the construction site ready to use.
  • Keep the rolls upright and do not stack pallets.
  • The application surface must be cleaned of dust, debris, grease, leaves, oil and should not have gaps and cracks or other irregularities to ensure proper adhesion of the membrane.
  • Surface must be treated with primer before installation of waterproofing material.