NICOBAND sealant tape – a convenient way to seal various cracks and joints. Can also be used to insulate junctions, for roofing repairs and for roof repair systems. The special UV protection layer increases its service life outdoors and the assortment of colours makes it suitable for any roof.


  • Protected from UV radiation.The bitumen layer of NICOBAND sealant tape is protected from UV radiation by aluminium coating. This makes it possible to use the tape outdoor.
  • Easy to use and durable NICOBAND sealant tape is very easy to use and its application requires no special skills. The sealing function of the tape extends for its full lifetime (10 years) thanks to specially formulated polymer-bitumen binder.
  • Different colors The tape is designed for the most popular roofing colors (including metallic). It allows to perform repairs or maintenance in the tone of the main surface.
  • Flawless adhesion to many different surfaces Self-adhesive layer provides perfect quality adhesion to many different surfaces: metal, slate, wood, plastic, plaster, concrete, glass, etc.

Application areas:

  • For roofing repairs (metal or bitumen roofing).
  • Sealing and anti-corrosive protection of cold pipes.
  • Sealing and repair of drainage systems.
  • Repair and sealing during the installation of ventilation systems.
  • Repair of plastic or metal products.