Drainage Waterproof Board


TECHNODRAIN-R drainage board/cell serves as a waterproofing system keeping water from penetrating to the surface of the wall/floor, and as protection for the system on the wall/floor during backfilling. Any water that may get through (by condensation or leakage) can trickle down to the foundation drains through the space formed by the dimples. TECHNODRAIN-R's dimpled drainage system can help reduce intermittent hydrostatic pressure because it moves water away before pressure can build against the foundation.




PU Injection


EURO INJECT PU is a highly reactive polyurethane injection resin formulated to expand upon contact with water and form effective seal against flow of water. Applications - to seal leaking live cracks, movement joints in tunnels, reservoirs, basement, manholes, to seal and fill defective concrete (honeycombs, voids, etc.)




PVC Waterstops


HOYLAKE Tech-Stop PVC Waterstops lead the way in high technology waterstops and comply to international standards. Tech-Stop- PVC Waterstops are extruded from specially compounded PVC. They are designed for use in water retaining and water excluding structures where a positive seal is required for poured in-situ concrete expansion, construction and contraction joints. The range of profiles for both centrally and externally placed applications when embedded into the concrete, form a continuous barrier making Tech-Stop- PVC Waterstops ideal for preventing water penetration.




Self Adhesive Tape


NICOBAND sealant tape - a convenient way to seal various cracks and joints. Can also be used to insulate junctions, for roofing repairs and for roof repair systems. The special UV protection layer increases its service life outdoors and the assortment of colours makes it suitable for any roof.